Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Inducing Smiles And Brain Freezes For Over 45 Years

Yesterday I picked up Eegee's sandwiches for lunch.  My mother is a fan of their "diet" version of their signature drink.  We were in the drive-through when I turned to ask her a question and caught her gleefully slurping down a Skinny Berry with the passion of a five-year-old.  Notice how she looked up at me without removing her lips from the straw. She's totally addicted to this flavor.

Eegee's is a local institution founded in 1971.  The founders started selling their slush-like lemon flavored drink from a vending truck, eventually adding sandwiches and branching out to restaurants.  Their story is pretty amazing.

The frozen drink is a favorite among young and old (evidence provided above) and if you live in this town you'd have to reside under a rock to not know about it.  In the escalating temperatures - yesterday was 105 degrees - an "Eegee's" is refreshing and totally worth the brain freeze.

Check them out if you happen to be in the area.    

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Unknown said...

Salena - I've been a loyal reader of your blog since 2010. I am originally from Pittsburgh, PA and moved to Tucson when I was 23. I moved back home in 2010 and shortly after found your blog. I absolutely love following you and Ed no matter where you are! I often find myself wanting to comment, but never knowing what to say...LOL! (For people that know me...this would be totally unbelievable, as they would say I NEVER shut up!) Today I have to comment as you posted an Eegee's!!! (Now the song's stuck in my head...haha!) I have not had one in sooooooooo long! I'm with Mom...they are addicting! :) Although I know you are probably going stir crazy....I miss Tucson and love the posts now that you are home. It's a way for me to still connect. No matter where you go though.....I will always be a loyal reader!

Thank you for sharing!

The Daily Rant said...

MONICA: I am SO thrilled to hear you've been reading since 2010. Wow! You must have seen my posts about our trip to Pittsburgh - very cool place, love the rivers, love the funiculars!

I'm glad you commented - please do so more often. As far as never shutting up, that's me too. But if it's any consolation, even though I read a lot of blogs, I almost never comment. Don't really know why.

Glad you liked the Eegee's post. Man, they're a Tucson institution, aren't they? And so refreshing in the hot weather. Which is like, always. LOL

Yes, I'm going stir crazy on this dedicated route. Back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. LOL But I'm trying to see Tucson through a tourist's eye and Ed and I are TRYING to do some day trips around the area. A lot of the touristy stuff he's never seen because when we're home we just never did that stuff. I saw everything when I was younger, so I'm reluctant to go traipsing out in the heat to see it again. I keep telling him, "We'll have to do that in the winter..." LOL

Anyway...thanks again for your loyal readership and thanks for commenting!! Have a great week!