Friday, June 02, 2017

The Center Of Attention

When we were visited The Desert Museum last month, we were lucky enough to witness the blooming of the Hybrid Torch Cactus flower.  They were the star of the cactus garden.

The docent told us tat they bloom only once, and only for one day, although I read on this website that the bloom can last one to three days.  I'm not sure if they were talking about the individual flower or the group of them when they bloomed, calling it a "flush".  

 These were about the size of a small dinner plate and the color was magnificent.  Incredible color saturation!
The "Sunset" torch has deep fuchsia flowers with an orange mid-stripe on each petal.
These are definitely something you'd want to plant in your yard if you yearn for color in the desert.  It may be temporary, but at least you'll get a little rush when you see them open.

Maybe the joy will carry you over until the next burst of color.

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