Saturday, May 04, 2024

Taking A Break At The Historic Dunes


The rest area in San Acacia, New Mexico.  It overlooks the Sevilleta National Wildlife Refuge and the Río Salado River, which eventually merges with the Río Grande River.  

The historical marker at the site says:

Río Salado Sand Dunes
Elevation 4,850 ft.

Winds blowing across the usually dry, sandy riverbed of the Rio Salado formed dunes along this part of the Río Grande Valley.  The Río Grande, just southwest of here, follows a massive geological trench shaped millions of years ago when huge blocks of land sank as the earth in central New Mexico slowly began pulling apart.  The resulting Río Grande Rift uplifted the Los Piños Mountains to the east.  Northwest are the Sierra Ladrónes.  Rocks on their 9,000-foot crests are similar to those buried four miles beneath these dunes.

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