Sunday, June 16, 2024

Torre De Lujo


On our last night in Madrid, we stayed at the Eurostars Madrid Tower because it was close to the neighborhood where my friend Catalina lived and we were planning to meet them for dinner.  They took us to Lateral Caleido, which was fantastic - when Madrileños themselves eat there, you've gotta assume it's good!

Upon arriving at the hotel, the tower's exterior was just impressive. Shiny, reflecting the light, nothing but sky behind it.  Just stunning.  The interior was just as beautiful. Very modern and luxurious, from the lobby to the restaurants to the rooms. 

All of the rooms have a panoramic view of the city and ours, on the 28th floor, did not disappoint.  We had a spectacular view!  The sun was setting, the lights of the city just coming on, and the distance we were able to see from the wall of windows in our room was amazing.  

The amenities in the room were top-notch, the shower was incredible, and the bed, well, it was insanely comfortable. And one of the room amenities that I really loved was the valet garment steamer.  I want one for my house!

We did not experience the restaurant for dinner since we went out but we did have the breakfast buffet the next morning and the spread was mouthwatering - fruits, cheeses, meats, eggs, pastries, rolls, toast, waffles, juices, oatmeal, coffee, and tea.  

We spent most of our week in Madrid at the Hilton property, because it was close to everything we wanted to see, but I would definitely stay at this Eurostars property again and would even consider checking them out in other countries.  That's how nice this experience was.

I cannot wait to go back to Spain!

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