Friday, August 24, 2012

Exemplary Exemplar Prints

I went to get fingerprinted for my background check yesterday. I don't know why some of these people are there being printed, but I've gotta say, I felt like I was in the processing room of a police station.

The people in the waiting room were some of the scariest, scuzziest, thug-like people I've ever been in the company of. It was like everyone from the local halfway house was let out at the same time and decided to spend their lunch hour at the fingerprint processing center.

I made it out alive and thankfully, won't have to go back for another five years. And I don't have to worry about any of those people following me home since most of them didn't have cars. Whew!

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Pat said...

I think you were on the wrong side of the bullet proof glass. And to think, the most dangerous won't go get finger printed, because they don't want to be found.

I had to get finger printed for my real estate license. But, they came and did it at the real estate school. I guess they didn't want us to scare there regular clientele.

Anonymous said...

Oh come on....he's a handsome thing, with his Capri jeans, neck roll and Big Gulp! What more could a girl want?! ;()


Anonymous said...

Looks like ankle bracelet on right leg under sock

Belledog said...

Good catch on the ankle bracelet. Hilarious.

I saw a guy who looked very similar at my veterinarian's office. He was cradling, tenderly, the tiniest of Chihuahuas.

I was still afraid to take his picture.

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