Wednesday, August 01, 2012

These Coco Girls Are Not Reading Rare Books

Although Las Vegas has a plethora of high end shops, you don't really need money to enjoy the window shopping. You can see what's being offered by Chloé, Bottega Veneta, Cartier, Herve Leger, Balenciaga, Tom Ford, Hermès (in case you need a $17,000 handbag), and more, just by walking The Strip and visiting their shops. The stroll through this shopping mecca is a heady experience.

The opulence just envelops you. From the jewelry stores, to the clothing shops, to the restaurants, to the luxury spas, to the
rare book shop where we saw first edition books ranging from $6,000.00 for a first edition of The Great Gatsby, to $225,000.00 for the work of Shakespeare. You can walk out of one marble lined hallway, exit the main doors into the street, walk half a block, and be in a McDonald's. It's just kinda weird in that respect.

I'm not in love with visiting Las Vegas - I can give you a list of other places I'd rather be. Personally, I think visiting once or twice is enough. I've been many, many times, and for me, it's just old. Unless you're super-rich, there's not a whole lot to do. Normal stuff is so expensive - $4.50 for a Diet Coke, $17.00 for a hamburger. One of the restaurants we love to go to had $9.00 garlic bread - a price we've never seen on their menus elsewhere. Ridiculous.

And I don't understand why anyone would vacation here. It's a horrible place for children, although there are hundreds of them, and this time of year it's so blazing hot, I can't imagine how anyone can enjoy sitting by the pool. Hell, one of the hotels we called was selling shade - $150 a day ($200 on the weekends) for a private cabana by the pool - if you couldn't afford that, you just have to sit out in the open, not a tree in sight. One reviewer of one of the pools we were considering going to said, "If you like 105 degree heat and no shade, this is the place for you."

We took a great paying load out here, but since Las Vegas isn't the best town for freight, we've had to wait to get something out. We're trying to make the best of our time by strolling The Strip, leaving some money at casinos here and there (although Ed did win about $700.00 playing blackjack), taking a few pictures, dining out, and doing a lot of people watching. There are thousands of people here, so the flow is always entertaining.

Hopefully we won't have to spend the weekend. We have several parking spots we like, so we've been moving around to keep things interesting. Our favorite one is behind a casino right on The Strip - it makes the walk to decadence much shorter.

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