Friday, August 17, 2012

Say It Loud! Say It Proud!

I was first introduced to this by Paul A., one of my Facebook friends. It came about because I used the word Schadenfreude in a status update. So Schadenfreude was the first one he sent me. But there are more, equally hilarious pronunciations. Check them out:

Haute Couture is one my favorites. The The correct French pronunciation is "oat- kuh- tyur", which I know because I've been a fan of fashion magazines since I was old enough to read. Americans never say it correctly, and since they don't know the difference, I think I might start pronouncing it the way they do in the video.

This one is perfect for my friend Kim, since at forty years old, she's still embarrassed by the word:

You may as well say it this one however you want, since no one seems to know what it is, and only certain smarties in your group of friends will even know what it means:

In the past, you may have shied away from this line of beauty and fragrance products because you don't know how to say it. Tip - don't walk up to the L'Occitane counter using this as your guide:

Others that tickled my fancy are: Porsche, the car so many people want but so many can't pronounce; if you're a scotch drinker this one might throw you for a loop; French designers always trip us up, and this one tops the list (although in the movie "Showgirls", the main character did have a problem with Italian designer Versace - she called him Ver-sase); people seem to have a harder time understanding what she says than how tosay her name; and I learned how to say this guy's name in the movie "Something About Mary" - it's "Fav-ruh", of course.

But the fun doesn't stop here, my friends, there are many, many more. Click
HERE to keep yourself busy for hours. And don't forget to work them into conversation as often as possible.

Hotty Cootarotty, people!

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