Friday, August 03, 2012

Playing For Gas Money

Yesterday when I was having my life coaching session with my friend Lisa, I really needed to have the truck to myself - no distractions, no TV noise, and a little privacy. Just as I was getting ready to call her, he said he was going to "go out". He didn't specify where, and that made me a little nervous. We were parked in the lot adjacent to a casino and I knew if he wandered in there and I tried to call him, he'd never hear his phone.

So I asked again where he was going, since he was being so vague. He cracked a sly smile and said he was just going to go "check out" the casino. I knew what that meant - he would be trolling the blackjack tables looking for someone using a double deck. He likes the double deck, better odds he says. He also likes to be the only one at the table - just him and the dealer - again, better odds.

As he was leaving, I yelled after him to make sure he made enough money to cover fuel from Vegas to Tucson - I wanted to go home since we were so close. Well, not only did he cover the fuel, but since he was playing at a $100 minimum bet table, he actually made close to a thousand dollars. $100 dollars a hand! With each chip, hoping your cards will add up to 21. I couldn't handle that kind of pressure. That's why I like to lose my money in the slot machines - if I'm going to get one shot, I'd at least like to hear some bells and whistles and see some spinning fruit.

If it weren't for Ed's skill (I think there's gotta be some skill - knowing when to hit, when to stay, when to double down, etc.), we'd still be stuck in Las Vegas instead of on our way home for the weekend.

Hmmm...maybe we've found him a little side business. Tax free, of course.

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