Saturday, August 25, 2012

Cue The Flying Monkeys

We drove right into this storm on our way to pick up a load of copper. It was like something out of The Wizard of Oz. As we entered the cloud, the rain was so fierce, we had to slow to a crawl and there was barely any visibility.

You can see the light from the sun, which was coming from the east, where the skies were blue and clear. The darkness of the sky to the north was so ominous, it covered the entire ridge of the mountain and stretched across the horizon as far as the eye could see in either direction. It was heading right for us.

Once through the rain, the skies cleared up again and we headed down into the mining town of
Morenci, Arizona, to the Freeport-McMoRan copper mine - the largest copper mining operation in North America and one of the largest copper mines in the world.

These loads are fairly valuable - copper is currently at $3.40 a pound - and although not specifically instructed to keep an eye on this freight, we do. It's not really something you want to leave unattended because it's the kind of material someone would be apt to steal.

It's bound for Connecticut, and the sooner we get it off the truck, the better. We're going to team it over there so we can make it to New York City for the
Doctor Radio show.

See you on the air!

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Unknown said...

I bet you two get lots of Storm Chaser type footage. Get the right kind and most news outlets will buy it from you. Happy copper-thief-free trails!