Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Entertaining The Masses

OK, maybe not masses. And maybe not even all that entertaining, but yesterday Ed and I hit the airwaves! First time ever in a radio studio, first time ever on the air, first time ever sending my voice into the ears of people other than my friends and family - who are probably so tired of listening to me, they tune me out instead of in anyway!

Ed and I had the pleasure of being guests on the Orthopedics Show on Sirius XM's Doctor Radio. The show was hosted by Dr. Claudette Lajam, who is the one who invited me to come on as a guest, so Ed and I grabbed a load to the east coast so we could do the interview in studio.

The studio is located right in the lobby of the NYU Langone Medical Center in midtown Manhattan, on the east side at the corner of 34th Street and 1st Avenue. We weren't exactly sure if we'd make it, since we're not very familiar with the train and bus system, which is what we were using to get into the city. I was more concerned with the fact that it was a bazillion degrees and that I was going to melt into the hot New York asphalt.

We took the train from New Jersey, into Penn Station in New York, and from there had to take a bus to the medical center on 1st Avenue. But we couldn't figure out where to catch the bus, and the guy at the information window in Penn Station was less than helpful. Big surprise. By the time we got to the kiosk where they sold the bus tickets, we were more than exasperated. There were two machines - one that took a MetroCard, and another that took coins. What?? I didn't have either. We didn't buy a MetroCard for the train, since we paid that fare with a credit card, and I didn't have coins. Who has $4.50 in coins?! Standing there like idiots, looking at both machines, I finally asked a guy nearby, but he wasn't sure what to do because he always just used his MetroCard.

Another guy walked over and jumped in to help us out. He told us how each of the machines worked, but I told him we didn't have any coins, and the machine didn't take cash or credit. Then I had an idea - would he buy us our bus tickets and I'd give him the money? He said yes and proceeded to buy us two tickets with his MetroCard, handing them to us and saying, "Don't worry about it." when I tried to give him money. I insisted he take our money and pushed the five dollar bill in his hand. I'm glad he took it, because I really didn't want to have a sparring match with him on the corner, it was entirely too hot. He then told us exactly which bus to take and where to get off. He was so incredibly helpful, and eased a little of my stress because the clock was ticking and the heat was building in my head, threatening a sweat-fest.

We made it to NYU by 4:45pm, just in time for me to hit the ladies room and for Ed to get a snack in the cafeteria. We hadn't eaten since breakfast and if Ed didn't get something in his belly, it could turn ugly fast. He gets very cranky without food and I couldn't have a cranky co-guest! After we ate, we sat in the lobby and people watched for about an hour before walking over to the studio. Minutes after we arrived, the producer came up and we all introduced ourselves. She showed us to the studio and pointed out where we'd be seated and explained how the console in front of us worked. These were our two seats:
We each had a headset, and as the producer explained, the microphone was to go where we went. If we turned our heads yet were still talking, it was to turn with us. If we raised or lowered our seats, we were to raise and lower our mic with us. And if we had to cough or sneeze, there was a button labeled "cough" that we were to push to mute our microphone, cutting off the noise to the rest of the world. Here's Ed, with his mic and headphones ready for action.
And here's me in front of my mic. Of course, the headset crushed the top of my spiky 'do, but I insisted Ed take several photos and this was the best of the bunch. I guess it doesn't matter if your hair isn't perfectly coiffed when you're on radio. And Ed loves my fat little cheeks, as long as I'm happy and smiling.
Dr. Lajam breezed in shortly before the show started, giving me a HUGE hug and giving Ed and equally big squeeze. She was effervescent, friendly, down-to-earth and extremely welcoming. She wore a cute black and white dress, her thick, wavy hair bounced as she spoke, and she was never without a smile. I didn't feel at all like I was in the presence of a surgeon. Who, from what a lot of people hear, act like they're God. She did not have one iota of that air about her.

I should probably note again that I intially met Dr. Lajam via the internet. When we were in the studio, we sort of came to the realization that it had been about eight years - I met her just when I began dating Ed - I was thrilled to finally get to meet her in person. Here's a picture of her (in the corner), on air, after our segment:
Doing the show was just a lot of fun. I was smiling the entire time. We had several callers, and we also had a certified personal trainer, who co-authored the book The 7-Minute Back Pain Solution, join us on the air by phone. Dr. Lajam was a great host, keeping the conversation moving and natural, and threw several questions our way so we were able to give our views freely.

We even got a call from RuthAnn, our trucker friend!! We thought a guy named Brad was calling in, but when she came on the phone instead and started talking in her West Virginia drawl, I turned to Ed, eyes wide, and mouthed
Oh my God. It's RuthAnn!!

Turns out in addition to Brad and RuthAnn listening, GiGi Roxx was also listening (and gave us a shout-out on Facebook!), Ed's parents were listening, and Marlaina and Greg were listening. From what they've said, we didn't so sound bad. I've requested a copy of the show so we can hear it ourselves, but I have to say, I was happy to hear that I didn't sound like I was underwater with a clothespin on my nose!
It's been suggested (even prior to this little stint) that I should do a show - TV, radio, Internet - so maybe I have another career to consider when the trucking thing goes belly up. Our friends suggested that Ed and I should do a podcast. Lord knows what we'd talk about, but if people line up to watch the Kardshians and listen to Rush Limbaugh, I'm sure we can find a few people who have nothing better to do, and will decide to use their free time to listen to us.

Look out world!


Gil said...

Looking real good! All Ed needs is his ten gallon hat and he'll be ready to replace IMUS.

Catalina Ospina said...

I missed it :(
Where can I find a pod cast or something to hear you guys?!?!?!?

ELH said...

Congrats guys, do let us know if we can find you on the internet, you tube..would. love to hear it..

Belledog said...

Missed it, but will catch the rebroadcast (2 this weekend).

Def put up that info again for ELH, etc.

Hope this is the first of many broadcasts/podcasts for you and Ed. You have something to say! Not just filler!

The Daily Rant said...

Hey everyone! There are two rebroadcasts at the end of this week (see the original post for the link to sign up for a free trial) and I believe the show will eventually be in their archives. I will do a post about it if that happens.

Are you kidding - another way to pimp myself out to the Internet? I'll be all over that in a heartbeat! Will definitely let you all know.

Catalina Ospina said...

I'll be waiting patiently for the post about the archives as from Berlin I wont be able to catch any of the two rebroadcasts!