Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Fat Lou Captured In Rare Photo

My mother recently added another cat to her household - a huge Maine Coon named Fat Louie. She only has two cats, so I don't think there's any danger of her being labeled a "cat lady". Yet.

Her current cat, Lily, isn't very happy about the new addition, although she's not reacting as violently as she did when my mother decided she wanted a dog. That didn't last long, as my mother realized she wasn't a dog person after about a week of yapping and having to go out for daily walks.

Fat Louie is a bit of a phantom; he doesn't come out much and is pretty much afraid of everything. This doesn't mesh too well with Lily, who's also afraid of everything. If it weren't for the rodent-sized hair tufts scattered about the house, you wouldn't even know Louie was there. Although Lily must know he's around, because I suspect some of that hair is evidence of them either playing or fighting.

Tonight they were both in the room at the same time, but once they faced off and realized they were both in the same room, they took off in opposite directions. We all wondered aloud what the hell was wrong with them. They certainly didn't act like cats we had known at other times in our life, the kind that sit in your lap and enjoy having their coats stroked and ears rubbed.

Then my mother said, "I wonder if Louie is touching her."

"Touching her? You mean inappropriately??" I said.

I can't even tell you the firestorm of laughter that that set off. No really, I can't tell you. The humor just wouldn't translate.

Just know it involved a lot of Muttley, not a lot of breathing, and a shitload of tasteless comments.

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Marlaina said...

Does Mom know they don't like people much. They are hunters. My mom had a Maine Coon who hated people.