Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Forever In Bloom

I found this indestructible flower arrangement at Hacienda Interiors in Boulder City, Nevada. We were driving home from Las Vegas when I saw a garden of color and just had to stop. These floral sculptures are just one item among many that this business offered for sale.

They had all kinds of metal sculptures for the home and yard, and I bought a set of beautiful red flowers for my mother, which she loved. According to the proprietor, all of the painted items have a base coat, four coats of color, and then a clear top coat of paint. He said they will last outside in the sun indefinitely, and a spray of clear coat once a year should keep them in good shape.

This is one bouquet of flowers that will bring a smile long after the day of celebration has passed.

1 comment:

Catalina Ospina said...

They are beautiful! And look great in the sun with the "pebbles" instead of grass on the floor.
I wish I could get them too in Berlin as they would look great on my balcony...