Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Show Ed Some Love And Crank Up The Good Luck Vibes!

So last night I was getting ready in the room to head down to dinner and "casino night".  The dinner started at 6:00 pm, and we were running late.

For anyone who doesn't already know this, I am never late.  I'm the one who shows up to everything 15-20 minutes early.  I'm even earlier if I've never been to the place before.  In that case I usually show up 30 minutes early to allow for time to park, etc.

The event center was a five minute walk from our room.  And the dinner portion was from 6:00-7:30, so I figured if we got there a little after six, it would be fine.  It was a buffet dinner and since I was serving myself anyway, I didn't think it'd be a big deal.

Ed, knowing I'm never late, kept asking, "What the hell is taking you so long??"

Well, it was hot.  I was having hair issues.  And I couldn't decide on which earrings to wear.  "They both look nice," Ed said when I asked him to help me choose.  "Let's go."

I finally gave up and said, "OK.  I'm ready."

When we got to the ballroom at the convention center, the company CEO was already on stage talking to the crowd.  Oh, shit I thought, we missed something.  The tables were all full and we were weaving through them looking for a place to sit.

Of course, as an ex-hospitality industry employee myself, I was thinking about how ridiculous it was that they had event for hundreds of people and didn't have enough seating for everyone.  What the hell??

Since it seemed we weren't going to get a seat, we just picked a spot in the back and focused on the presentation.  The CEO was talking about how many million milers there were (over 800), how many people were attending this year's event, how proud he was of everyone, etc. etc.  I was kind of half-listening.

Then he said they were going to choose the nine semi-finalists for the truck giveaway contest.  The room got quiet.

They had the names in a tumbling cage, like they use for raffles.  The girl on stage started turning the cage and when it stopped, the CEO chose a name.  He read the first name.

"Ed Godfrey."


"Is Ed Godfrey here?" he said, looking around.

"I'm right here." Ed said from the back of the room, raising his hand to be seen as he started walking toward the front of the room.

When he got to the stage, the CEO shook his hand and said, "Ed, congratulations."  Then, "OK, stand here.  I hope I can find some other contestants."  And he went back to the spinning cage to pick the other names.  I didn't hear any of them.  I was looking at Ed.


I was so proud of Ed!  The brand new inductee to this company's million miler group of drivers.  I think I felt a tear in my eye.  A little one.  

I was watching him stand proudly on the stage knowing that every minute was killing him, even though he was loving the reason he was standing there.  He absolutely hates attention.  I smiled at him from the crowd and he smiled back.  That nervous excited type of smile.  I could see the twinkle in his eye and the apples of his cheeks rising.

They called the names of the other finalists and then explained how the procedure works.  As of that moment, he became one of only NINE semi-finalists.  Out of over 800 eligible drivers!  His first time at a million miler event and the first name called.

Did you hear that, people?  He was the FIRST NAME CALLED.  I'm convinced all your good wishes had something to do with it.

He hasn't won yet, but man, this is cool.  At the breakfast meeting today, they'll narrow the nine down to three.

And at tonight's banquet, they choose one winner from those three million milers.

So let's kick it up a whole lot and get the mojo crankin'!  We need some excitement up in here!

Send out those vibes.

And cross all of your fingers and toes.  Yeah, I know, that's not very comfortable, but it's for Ed.

And we all LOVE Ed, don't we?

Show him the love, baby!!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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Anonymous said...

?Good luck happens when preparedness meets opportunity"...and it sounds like Ed is always prepared & the opprtunity has struck...so best of luck to you both!

Unknown said...

Fingers crossed! Win or lose, you should hit Vic's for some awesome shrimp and grits. Best I've ever had.

Scott said...

Good luck!!!

M Hanson said...

Luck favors the newbies...win that truck and light up the Interwebs!

Anonymous said...

Go Eddie! Win that truck!


Gil said...

What an honor and to be on stage with the execs and the lady with the long beautiful hair.