Monday, July 14, 2014

Nature's Bounty Fills My Fridge

It's probably not the best idea to buy a giant watermelon when we have such a small fridge, but I can't go through the summer without them.  And I like 'em cold.  I like all my fruit cold.  So we loaded up on blueberries, strawberries, apples, white peaches, cantaloupe, apples, grapefruit, and lots of vegetables.  Yogurt, Eggs, a stray Diet Coke, cottage cheese in the back, milk tucked behind the cantaloupe.

The one thing I want to make sure we have in our next truck, is a bigger fridge.  I have a great pantry space, where I seem to be able to stock with pretty much all I need when it comes to dry goods, but the fridge area is just not big enough.

Although we still eat out and do hit the fast food joints, we do our best to have good food in the truck most of the time.  Ed's dropped 25 pounds in the last two months by eliminating bread and sugar (something he's never had much of in the first place) and eating salads, lean proteins, oatmeal with fruit for breakfast, and fruit for dessert.  He hasn't done a stitch of exercise and his weight loss is noticeable.  I haven't been doing as well, only losing about 8 pounds in the same amount of time, but hey, eight pounds is eight pounds.

We love the bounty summer brings and will continue stuffing our fridge and keeping the fruit bowl on the counter full with seasonal goodies for as long as we can.

What are some of your summer favorites?

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