Thursday, July 31, 2014

A Beautiful Time Capsule

I read about this house online and instantly fell in love.  It's in Canada - Toronto - and I'd buy it tomorrow.  It's not much to look at from the inside, but oh, the interior.  The photos are from the site.

It's not necessarily the style I would chose for my own home were I to decorate a home from scratch today, but I love many, many elements of it.  Probably so many, I could move right in.  I mean, look at this entry hall, with the wallpaper and the sconces and the glass front door.
And the living room, wrapped in seafoam green, is just beautiful, like stepping into a mermaids house on the land.
Oh, but the kitchen.  The kitchen is pink. Soft, glowy, baby pink.  Look at the gorgeous lighting fixtures, the curtains, a pink phone (with a dial on it!) way at the end of the counter.
And my absolute favorite element...the breakfast nook.  I always wanted a nook growing up.  Like I saw on TV.  But this breakfast nook is just beautiful.  The table, the wallpaper, the lighting fixture, the curtains.  I want to eat oatmeal at this table.
Here's the master bedroom.  The homeowner's husband requested no pink in the master bedroom.  But she snuck that fuchsia stool at the end of the bed in there.  But maybe he did't notice because he was too busy looking at that amazing turquoise chair.  I want it.
Then, when you think it can't possibly get any better, you walk downstairs, into the retro-ist man cave/rec room/bar/room for the parents to hang out ever.  I feel like I'm ten again, and I've been allowed to see the coolest part of my friend's parent's house.
This house was listed for $699,000.00 and the woman selling it is 96-years-old and has lived here for 72 years.  Amazing.  Now she's moving to a retirement home but will only be taking a few prized possessions.  How sad to have to leave this pristine time capsule behind.

To see more photos - there are thirty-one of them! - click HERE.

Enjoy the journey back in time.

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MAE said...

Absolutely amazing home. What you blog about is incredible and a treat for me to read...

Belledog said...

Someone needs to film a show or commercial or shoot a fashion spread in that house.

Have seen homes like this, but not for decades, and not intact. It is a time capsule.

I wonder what the lady's story is, that she perfected her home and then stopped and preserved it, for years and years.

It looks like a Doris Day movie.

The Daily Rant said...

MAE: Glad you liked it!

BELLEDOG: I have seen homes that haven't been redecorated for years, and are sort of stuck in that retro 70s period, but this one is amazing. It's so pristine. And yes, someone needs to do a fashion spread in that place!

Decorina said...

Wow. Words fail. She lived very lightly indeed.

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