Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Big Coin Was A Big Hit

I do so much laundry on the road, I actually have a laundry category for this blog to document all the places we've been through pictures.  The best laundromats, in my opinion, are the ones that are open 24 hours.  You never have to worry about making it there in time for the "last load".

I always hate the idea of doing laundry but Ed usually urges me to "just get it done".  I have to admit, once it's done, I'm happier.

The problem is, we can go weeks without doing laundry.  We have so many clothes, it's just not right.  Actually, I think Ed has even more clothes than I do.  Now that's just not right.

But really, I think I'd rather do laundry on the road.  I can throw it all in at once, dry it all at once, and fold it all at once.  When I do the same amount of laundry at home, it takes me all night, most times into the next day.  I have to get up and down from my comfy TV-watching chair, transfer clothes from washer to dryer, fold in stages, pile things all over the laundry room, and then cart it all back out to the truck.

This laundromat was great.  It was huge, it wasn't as hot as most of them are, it had ample truck parking, and there was an awesome pizzeria a few doors down.


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