Saturday, July 19, 2014

Embrace The Heat Of Miami

Grandma and Elvis in the Wynwood Arts District of Miami
Whether you're looking to spend a few days on the beach, heading off on a cruise, or just need a few days of sunshine, one of the closest places to get it - especially if you live on the East Coast - is to hop a flight to Miami, book a hotel room with the Venus of Travel, and start your adventure.

It's not all beach.  You're aware of that, right?

And it's not just a giant cruise ship embarkation point.

Yes, they have sun.  Yes, there are thousands of cruises in and out.  But they have culture too.  And ordinary buildings with extraordinary art - like this one, in the Wynwood Arts District, emblazoned with an intricate, eye-catching pattern.
And food.

And fashion.

Oh, the list goes on.  If you don't believe me, check out Pinterest for all the different parts of Miami people are pinning about.

And once you're done getting your tan on, check out places like Little Havana for authentic Cuban food, or Churchill's Pub in the Lemon City neighborhood for food (from breakfast to burgers) and music - from Latin Rock to reggae to jazz.

Since 1979, Churchill's has been known for the place to for bands new to the Miami music scene.  Next door to Churchill's is Sweat Records, a place that's keeping vinyl alive - you can walk into this cafĂ©/music store/coffee shop/event space and pick out locally made items in addition to CDs and good 'ol fashioned records with hand drawn labels.

Lemon City was named for the copious lemon groves in the area and was initially a small farming community.  It eventually transitioned from agricultural to residential and became an area known for attracting immigrants from Haiti.

La Petite Haiti (Little Haiti) manifests itself in the brightly colored building reminiscent of the Caribbean homeland of its residents. 

In the cultural heart of the Haitian Diaspora you will find a little pocket of shops selling Haitian art, food, and books, in addition to nondescript variety shops selling inexpensive kitsch.
There's also the Little Haiti Cultural Center, whose objective is for the residents and visitors to the area to gain exposure to Afro-Caribbean culture.  The center opened in 2009 and houses a theater, art gallery, event space, art and dance studios, ceramics studio, and educational spaces.  And on the third Friday of every month they have a free event called Big Night In Little Haiti, bringing the entertainment, food, and fun together in one place.

This is Miami, my friends!

Start exploring.

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