Thursday, July 24, 2014

Dry Like An Oven

The next few posts will have to do with the insane heat of Arizona.  Because we're here. In the middle of summer.  Like a ciuco.  (Growing up, my family bastardized this word, saying it so it sounded like "chooch".  East Coast peeps will understand.)

We work with an agent who calls us personally for one particular load out of Phoenix. We've been hauling for this same for a while now and the agent always calls us first to see if we're available. We love working with her, so we always say yes.

The challenge saying yes presents, is getting from wherever we are to Arizona to pick it up.  This time when she called, we were in South Carolina.  So we cobbled together two awesome paying loads (luck!) and made our way to Arizona with half a day to spare. Delivered our load this afternoon, pick up the next one tomorrow morning.

We even had time to stop at the house yesterday.  We had a few things in the truck to drop off and we had to pick up mail and packages.  We rolled into Tucson about two in the afternoon, and as we got off the interstate, the temperature gauge in the truck's dash read 115.  It continued to climb from there.  116.  117.  119.  120.  121.


When it hit 125, I urged Ed to get a picture.

I'm sure several factors resulted in the 125 number - like the heat coming off the asphalt as we drove - but the fact that the regular temperatures have been in the one-teens is enough reason for me to get in and get out of town as soon as possible.  Really, one day of this weather is more than enough for me.  I've already reached my limit.

And people talking about the "dry heat", have clearly been in it too long.


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Decorina said...

I learned years ago that it is about 140 degrees in your car at an intersection when they announce 118 at the airport (in the shade). I loved the heat and still miss it despite hot flashes, LOL.

Oh, and you can't fry an egg on the sidewalk - we tried it. It will cook the white on blacktop, but to really get it cooking you needed an old, metal garbage can lid.