Thursday, March 14, 2019

Couple Goals

I wasn't sure where the term "Bucket List" came from, so I did a little Google search.  The origin of the phrase seems somewhat unclear, but some say it came from the phrase kick the bucket, another way of saying "to die". 

I don't really have a "bucket list".  I guess I have things I'd like to do, but not necessarily because I want to do it before I die.  Although, you can't do things after you die, so there's that.  

But really, I just do things I want to do.  I don't have to do everything and I don't feel deprived if I don't get to something that someone else describes as "life changing" or "you just MUST do (fill in the blank)!".  I agree with Bill Maher when he said, "You reach a point in your life where you just don't give a shit about the things you didn't get to."

There are plenty of bucket list ideas on the internet.  Here are 1,000 Ideas For Your Bucket List, this site has your standard 101 Things To Do Before You Die, and this one came up with 329 Bucket List Ideas.

I might start to work on one, just to see what shows up on my list.  Could be interesting.  I found the graphic above online and thought some of those ideas seemed fun - except for the dog-sitting one - and doing them with a partner can make for a great memory.   

Now I just have to get Ed on board. 

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