Tuesday, March 12, 2019

La Grandest Pizza

Yesterday, Ed and I had lunch at a place in La Grande, Oregon called Local Harvest Eatery and Pub.

I have to tell you, for a small town in the middle of nowhere Eastern Oregon, this place had it going ON with their pizza.

It was AMAZING.  The crust was outstanding.  Do you see that crust?  Oh.  My.  God.  It was crispy and flavorful and beautifully bready.  

Ed had his usual caveman meat-laden pizza.  He ordered The Everything and Then Some (marinara, mozzarella, pepperoni, Candian bacon, sausage, salami, black olives, bell peppers, red onions, and mushrooms....$14.50).  He loved it. 

But my pie was really the star.  That's it up there in the photo.  I ordered The Don (pesto, mozzarella, spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, mushrooms, red onions, feta cheese, and a balsamic glaze....$13).

You could put balsamic glaze on a rock and I'd eat it.  It was deeeeeeelicious!!  

And as if the pizza didn't offer enough culinary delight, the kid who made it suggested we try something he likes - dipping the crust in honey.  He brought over the squeeze bottle of honey, I squirted a quarter-sized blob on my plate and started dipping.

Crusty bready pizza crust and honey?  How can you not love that?  

From now on, I'm going to be the weirdo at the pizzeria asking if they have any honey on hand.  People are going to stare.  Whisper.  Maybe even laugh.

Let them.  Because I now have a culinary secret.  Just between me and well, all of you.

Don't tell anyone about the honey trick, but if you're in La Grande, be sure to check this place out! 

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