Saturday, June 17, 2006

Australia Isn't Far Enough Away For These Bitches To Hide

I think every woman knows how Nad's started; some woman in Australia needed to find a cure for the hairy wildebeests she called her daughters. Both of them looked like Wolfman Jack on a bad day, so she created Nad's. I think the name comes from some combination of her daughters intials or names or something like that. No matter. Her product sucks.

I bought this thinking, oh great. a wand! Wow. I can get the lip area, possibly a hair or two on the chin, maybe create a delicately arched brow. And how much easier can it be? It's a WAND.

Forget it. I might as well have poured molasses with Gorilla Glue mixed in on my face. I was a sticky green glob. Good thing this shit washes off with water! The box says that the reverse side of the wand includes a "handy" travel mirror. Who the hell would remove facial hair while moving? Do you really need a pocket sized travel mirror to remove facial hair??

I don't even see an 800 number on this box. Lucky for them, because I would call Australia in to tell them what I think of the hairy down under bitches that hawk this shit on TV.

And to think they sell something called "Naughty Nad's" for your nether regions. Do they really think I want to fashion a lightening bolt, as they indicate on the box, down THERE with THIS???

I'd wind up with a balding version of Flash Gordon; all patchy and crooked, and quite possibly find myself wondering how to get my thighs unstuck.

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Anonymous said...

First of all, who the hell would by a product called Nad's?
I think they missed nasty.