Thursday, June 22, 2006

Mobile Misses

I am in Mobile, Alabama for the 2006 America's Junior Miss National Finals. Yes, I know it's not possible for you to have known I was pageant material, but c'mon people, if you really knew me...

Alright, whatever. So big deal, I'm like twenty years too old to be in this pageant, but I almost had you! Admit it. You know you were thinking, I knew it. She has that pageant-y look or maybe you said to a friend, see? I told you that truck driving thing was just a cover. She must get mobbed for autographs in the truck stops or maybe you're just saying to yourself, poor girl, she really is delusional.
OK, so maybe I am a wee bit delusional; it could be the heat, you know.

The real reason I'm here is to do a little gig for a few friends of mine, who are audio producers for the show and I am helping them out with a few things. They have been involved with this pageant for years and are very dedicated to their part to make it a success. Actually, I think it's wrong to call it a pageant, it's a Scholarship Program. Well, a scholarship program with a talent, fitness and self-expression category. Oh, and Scholarship money. Let's not forget that.

A local magazine had this to say:

"More than 700,000 women have participated in the festivities, many of them earning money to further their education. Over the last 49 years, AJM, the country's largest scholarship source for women, has awarded $87.7 million in college assistance to high school seniors. Well-known alumnae include Diane Sawyer of ABC's "Good Morning America" (America's Junior Miss, 1963), "Inside Edition" host Deborah Norville (Georgia's Junior Miss, 1976), and NBC's "Will and Grace" star Debra Messing (Rhode Island's Junior Miss, 1986). Less well-known but equally grateful and supportive participants have gone on to success as scientists, lawyers, architects, ministers, human rights advocates, doctors, bankers and a host of other professions."

So, I will be in 'Bama until the first week in July scoping out the next Diane Sawyer and enjoying this TREMENDOUS hotel room by myself. Eddie is still in New Mexico waiting for our truck to be fixed and will have to go back to work as soon as it's done, so it's all about me.

I will be enjoying the hotel pool, the local seafood and even a possible beach or two. I've already explored downtown Mobile, while sweating my ass off in the ninety plus degree weather with a huge dose of humidity thrown in. I'm thinking I won't even do my hair tomorrow since I wind up having to wring the sweat out of it every twenty minutes anyway.

See? Told you I was pageant material. If only the judges could see me. I'd have that college money in my pocket by the end of week!

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