Saturday, June 24, 2006

Satchel Pitches A Great Question

I was reading a local magazine that had a little blurb about Leroy "Satchel" Paige, the first black pitcher in the American League, who just happens to have been born in Mobile, Alabama! See, I'm finding out a little history on this place.

During his teen years, the article stated, he earned a dime a bag carrying suitcases at Union Station. Joe Cuhaj, co-author of "Baseball in Mobile," said "Paige had devised a method of carrying several bags in his arms at once. The other porters noted, 'he looks like a walking satchel tree.'" That is how he got the his nickname.

In addition to being what Joe DiMaggio called, "the best and fastest pitcher I've ever faced," it seems that Satchel also had, what I am coming to find out, is a special type of simple, Southern wisdom. I read one of his quotes and the question he asked hit me really hard.

Satchel's question was...How old would you be if you didnt know how old you were?

This is such a great time for me to explore this question but my brain has been in a frenzy trying to come up with an answer; I didn't think it was going to be this hard.

I thought about all the ages I would like to go back to when I realized, as I was typing, that it's not about the age I would like to be but the age I think I am right now. Did you follow that? If someone asked me right now how old I was and I didn't know what year I was born and had no indication of age, what would my answer be?

So, I think I would say, twenty eight. That's the very first number that came to mind. And when I thought more about it, that's the age most people think I am when they guess anyway. Perhaps I just give off that "under thirty" vibe.

In any case, I now have a couple of years before I hit the big three-oh. Yay! My thirties are going to be SO. MUCH. FUN! Most people dread hitting thirty; I am going to revel in it.

Wow. I feel so much younger already. Kinda twenty eightish. Boy, this is fun.

How old are you?

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