Sunday, June 25, 2006

Day Tripping

I started my day at the southern end of Alabama, on Dauphin Island, a strip of white sand beaches looking out on the Gulf Coast. I didn't do any swimming or sunning today (I'll save that for next week) but I did do a little exploring by taking in the seaside perimeter of historic Fort Gaines, had lunch at The Pelican Pub and then photographed some actual pelicans:

Later in the afternoon, on my way back to Mobile, I stopped to tour the beautiful Bellingrath Gardens. I got there just before the rain started, so I was able to take a few pictures before the sky got really dark.

This beautiful place was made possible by Walter and Bessie Bellingrath, who created this beautiful sanctuary on 65 acres, leaving behind a wonderful story. Please read about the history of the gardens on the Bellingrath website to get a real taste of these wonderful people who contributed so much to this area with their kindness and generosity.

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Twisted Cinderella said...

Those pictures are absolutely breathtaking!