Saturday, June 03, 2006

Flowers And Hand Painted Art

I am staying with another friend of mine this week and her house is just fabulous! Not only does she have gorgeous leather couches, cable TV and high speed internet but the bed I slept in last night was like being transported to heaven. I think I even I felt a pea; that is how much of a Princess I felt like in that bed!

I truly feel like I'm resort hopping. First, I was staying with my best friend at her "resort" home where the cooking is so good she could win a James Beard award, sitting on the front porch is like being at Tara listening to the sounds of the South and watching the world meander by and the laughter just flows like a broken faucet.

Now I have this; a richly decorated and spotlessly kept oasis of peace, centrally located to all things important, with ice cold air conditioning and a fully stocked fridge (except here, I actually have to cook myself! lol). In addition to that, the owner is a talented artist who makes everything from jewelry and silk drapery to paintings and websites. Just amazing.

Here is a sampling of her artwork:

And if you look again at the first picture, you will see a vase filled with the beautifully fragrant roses my Eddie sent me.

Either he really misses me or he's done something reeaaalllly wrong. Roses???

Gotta love him though, either way!

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