Thursday, June 15, 2006

If I Were In People Magazine...

I was reading the new issue of People with that new American Idol winner on the cover (Taylor Hicks - ick, I didn't like him) and they had this list of questions they asked, which I thought were kinda interesting. So here are my answers to the very same questions. Feel free to share your answers on your blog or in comments - I'm not tagging anyone. Here we go!

The first thing I notice about a man is...his height.

I like a man who is...tall, witty, smart and smells good.

I get weak when a a good kisser, feathers his breath over my body just right and oozes sensuality.

My favorite love song is...don't have a favorite, but I love R & B or Jazz for "mood" music.

If I could warn a man about something, it would be...that I like to get my way.

A Northern (as opposed to Southern) woman always...expects more from her man.

The perfect kiss should be...more lip, less tongue.

A kiss shouldn't be...a tonsilectomy.

The best present I've ever gotten from a man is...the chance to truly be myself.

I'd marry a man if I could find one who...would ask me. OK, maybe not just anyone.

My first crush was...Jimmy Licardi. For some reason, the overalls didn't turn me off.

I got my first gray hair at...gray hair? What is that?

The most I've ever paid for a haircut is...$60

My worst habit is...Ed said I don't have any bad habits. I like that answer. I'm going with it.

I wish I were a better...listener.

My mother always told me...feelings aren't right or wrong; they just are.

Nothing relaxes me like...a movie, a nap or Barnes and Noble.

When I'm feeling down, to my family and friends. Incessantly.

My stage persona is different than the real me in that...I will often take on hurting myself over hurting others that I love or care about.

Men are crazy about my...breasts.

I can't wait to breasts. No, I'm kidding. I can't wait to see the world.

In college I was...distracted and unfocused.

I'm sorry I didn't...finish college or pursue modeling.

I need to aversion to exercise.

My favorite holiday is...Thanksgiving.

My words to live by are...Laugh. A lot.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely LOVED your Eddie post and your People magazine quiz. Mae

Anonymous said...

The world can't wait to see your breasts, too.