Sunday, June 04, 2006

Just Bring Chips

My friend was telling me last week that she was invited to a party where she knew no one but the host. She asked if she could bring anything and after a pause, they said, "Oh, just pick up a bag of chips."

Chips? Did they say chips??? She turned to me, the hurt in her eyes glaringly evident. She was so offended. Could you blame her?

This is what happens when you are socializing in a new circle of friends; they don't know you. They are unaware of your talents. They don't know that you make a killer peach cobbler or whip up amazing spinach and artichoke dip or do things with cocktail weenies that border on illegal. It makes you feel so insignificant and invisible in a sense; who is going to notice the person who walks in with chips??

What the hell is next, asking her to bring a bag of ice? Now that is cold.

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