Friday, November 25, 2016

Off The Charts Mouthfeel

I made the cheesecake!

And Oh. My. FREAKING. God.


This is the kind of cheesecake I LOVE!  Almost three inches high.  Buttery graham cracker crust.  Incredibly creamy.  Thick yet a bit fluffy.  Super-velvety mouthfeel .  I was in heaven.

I found the recipe on the internet.  Here's a quick video and the recipe for it if you're interested in trying it yourself.

I only made a few changes.  First, I increased the butter in the crust because it wasn't enough to absorb all the graham crackers.  Second, I added a bit of citrus - I used four True Lemon packets because that's all I had at the house and thought it needed a little zing.  And third, I only left it in the oven for three hours after baking because I didn't want to wake up in the middle of the night to deal with it.  It was just fine.

If you're crazy about getting tips and tricks, read through the comment section on the recipe.  Lots of people offered great suggestions and shared the adjustments they made with the recipe.  I didn't read any of these before making it, but I can see exactly what they were talking about after it was done.

It's definitely easy enough to make and share on a first try.  I'd proudly bring this to any gathering.

It's definitely a true New York Cheesecake.  In fact, it's exactly like the one my local pizzeria (owned by New York Italians) makes - they sell it for $4.95 a slice and $35.95 for an entire cake!

My Thanksgiving guests LOVED it and have requested that I make it for Christmas.  I can't wait.

You know, I might just go into the cheesecake business as a side gig.

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