Saturday, November 12, 2016

Calling All Car Freaks And Geeks

Today we attended a grand opening event at Crown Concepts.  I'm not exactly sure how to explain their services, but it's all car related - they manage vehicles, maintain them, detail them, engineer products, fabricate and machine stuff.  It's all very out of my scope of interest, but the cars are pretty.

My brother has been working with them for a few months now and is in his glory.  He's loved cars since he was a little kid. Ask my Mom, seen here posing among the cars on display.
This is also the place that's showcasing my brother's hand crafted automotive art.  They have included pieces from his company, Carpenter Avenue Classics, in their showroom.

This 3-tier display case was being used to display merchandise for sale.
The crowd was large, and the car collection was impressive.  Everything from a McClaren 650S Spider...
To a Chip Foose1967 Dodge Charger with a 426 Hemi (for a cool $104,997.00)...
To my favorite, this Tangelo Pearl 1956 Chevy Bel Air...
Although this beauty came in a close second.  There's just something about the color I love, and those subtle flames are just understated enough to be beautiful.
If you're a car nut, and you're ever in Tucson, I recommend you swing by this place.  It's literally less than a mile from the Interstate - easy on, easy off.

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