Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Greatness, One Cup At A Time

A couple of months ago I was asked to do a review of the Aerobie AeroPress Coffee Maker. As usual, I was more than happy to give my opinion on something.  About a month ago the product arrived and Ed and I got to work using it.

Just a little comment before I continue - I really need to start a food blog so people will start sending me edible items to review!  

Back to the AeroPress...

The zippered travel bag contains everything you need for a surprisingly good cup of coffee.  Seriously, you're going to be blown away by what you can do with hot water and a plunger.

The AeroPress Coffee Maker system comes with the following:  Funnel, Chamber (numbered with 1-4 on it), Plunger, Filters and filter holder, coffee scoop, stirrer, and filter cap.  

And to be honest, if you were to lose the funnel, scoop, stirrer and filter holder, you'd still be able to make liquid energy in a cup.

Over the last month, we've been carrying the zippered pouch in the truck with us.  We have a 4-cup coffee maker in the truck, but it's a pain in the ass to dig out and we don't have a lot of time on this run to set it up and make morning coffee.  With this,
all that's needed is ground coffee and hot water.  And both in the house and the truck I have a hotpot that boils water in two minutes.  You can't even walk into the truck stop for a cup of coffee in that amount of time.

At night I usually make tea or my favorite General Foods International coffee drink, both of which require only hot water.  When Ed wants coffee - even though it's not as easy as dropping a tea bag in a cup - I will make him coffee with the Aerobie because I can't honestly tell him I don't want to take that one extra step to press water through a filter. He'd never buy that.  At least I don't have to wash out the coffee pot.

If I’m feeling like I need something especially decadent, I will make a latte for myself, using my Aerolatte milk frother to whip up some warmed milk or cream to complement the absolutely amazing cup of espresso the AeroPress makes.  Unlike other places I've had lattes (I'm looking at you, Starbucks), this cup of espresso is never bitter.

We've made coffee for guests with this product and they're always amazed at the flavor. Usually they say, "What kind of coffee do you use?"   It's not the coffee, my friend, it's the process.

Sure it helps to use good coffee, preferred brands or favorites.  But we've used this with regular run of the mill coffee and it still makes a great cup of joe.  And it always tastes more flavorful than what we get from our coffee maker.

With the Aerobie AeroPress, there's no reason to drink bad coffee.  This goes everywhere - camping, boating, traveling - any place hot water is available.  Easy to pack, easy to transport, easy to clean.

Here's a video of Ed making a cup of coffee with the AeroPress.  I'm not a videographer and Ed's not an actor, so cut us some slack while watching our little production, but feel free to partake in Ed's joy when he gets to the end of the process and sips his fabulous cup of coffee.

And, if you're really interested in owning an Aerobie, the inventor is selling the company.

Why, you ask?  No reason other than, "Because I'm 78 years old."

“This is a sponsored blog post. While the views expressed here were genuinely mine, consideration was paid to me by Aerobie, Inc. to review this product.”

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