Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Blade Runner

Back in February, we cleared some land and had ABC (aggregate base course) delivered to flesh out our driveway area.  I operated a vibrating machine with much success.

It was challenging work and because this isn't something we really know how to do, the area didn't turn out as flat as we would have liked.  We drove over bumps for months, cursing every time we bottomed in the dip in the driveway approach.

Yesterday, we had a blade operator come out and grade the entire area.  It only took a few hours but by the time he got done, it felt like a road, not a rollercoaster.  The next step will either be some kind of pavement, concrete, or decorative colored stone. Landscape design will determine the direction of that.

With this size driveway - it's like a small parking lot - it looks like we're going to have to have some big get-togethers to make use of all the space.

C'mon over!

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Mick and Ali said...

Oh Salena, you're gonna have to stop inviting us over-it's getting mighty tempting!

What are the temperatures like in January/February? Cos us Limeys can't stand it much above 80 degrees.

The Daily Rant said...

MICK & ALI: January/February average probably 65-70 degrees. I think probably more towards 70, which is still too warm for me, but it's better than the 80s. The mornings and evenings are actually pretty cold, but if the sun is up, there's warmth. People here know to dress in layers so you can remove clothing as the day gets warmer. Ugh. But please - come visit!! We will have plenty of food and we'll tell you all the best places (that we know of) to explore!