Monday, November 28, 2016

Just Roll With It

Many years ago Ed and I had sushi in Slidell, Lousiana.  I know, what the hell were we thinking??  It was just a California Roll, so nothing really crazy.  Or maybe it was bait, I'm still not really sure.

Yesterday, Ed and I had rea
l sushi.  So I consider our lunch at Mr. An's Teppan Steak, Sushi, and Seafood as our real first time.

I've driven past this restaurant for years, always saying "I need to try that place." Yesterday was that day.

They had a pretty extensive menu, and since we were doing lunch, we didn't opt to do any of the dinners.  We decided to do appetizers and sushi rolls.

The sushi rolls had raw fish in them - hello, sushi! - so I had to choose carefully.  I didn't want to go too far out of my comfort zone so I had one sushi roll and regular 'ol lettucs wraps (safe).  Ed got a little more adventurous and ordered two sushi rolls.  These are the two he tried:

Baja:  Spicy tuna, avocado, and cilantro topped with Yellowtail, sliced Serrano peppers and spicy aioli.

New Orleans:  Lobster, horseradish mayo, tobiko and avocado topped with lobster, avocado and mango and wasabi sauces.

Ed's dish is closest to him - each roll came on a seperate plate, but he combined them on one - mine is in the forefront of the picture. Each sushi roll was served with a dollop of Wasabi (the green blob on the plate, probably not even the real stuff), and Gari (shaved, pickled ginger).

I had the Sunset:  Shrimp tempura, avocado, cream cheese topped with spicy crab, special flakes and sweet soy, spicy aioli.

Here's mine up close:

Forgive the bright pictures - I was using my phone flash because the restaurant was extremely dark.  

I have to say it wasn't as scary as I thought, and I made good use of my chopsticks.  I looked like a pro.  My sushi roll was good, chosen because the shrimp tempura is essentially cooked, but I did try Ed's New Orleans, which was actually pretty good.  I couldn't bring myself to try the Sunset because the tuna and yellowtail just looked too, well, raw for me. 

It's definitely a place I'll go back to.  I'd like to try it with our friends Marlaina and MacG because I know they're big on fish.  And they're adventurous when it comes to food - even though this isn't really considered adventurous when you've eaten crickets in Bangkok. 

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Marlaina said...

Woohoo! Finally. That's definitely a little toe in at the edge of the lake, but that's okay, we all start somewhere. We will order up a storm, the next time we're visiting.

Crickets, by the way, is minor in our food stakes -- I'd like to point out for the record, MacGyver choked -- very crunchy, very tasted, bbq'd in fact. Bugs are surprisingly tasty.