Sunday, February 25, 2018

Sock It To 'Em

We were at La Encantada last week getting the abysmal battery in my iPhone replaced (again!) and I came across this cute little store called Fuego.  The store was jam-packed with cute, eclectic stuff.  More teenagey than fifty-year-old, but still a fun place to browse.

The wall of Blue Q socks caught my eye because when my friend Vicki was visiting, her and the girls were wearing these funky socks with sayings on them.  Kelsey, a voracious reader, was wearing the fuck off, I'm reading pair.  Mina had the i'm a delicate fucking flower pair.

Other pairs on the wall said things like:


Queen of Bitch Mountain

You're Not The Boss Of Me

Stay Away From Assholes

And then there's the pair I need to get for myself: 

I Have To Pee...Again

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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dlg said...

Maybe I am too refined for these, but they should say things with a little more class. Yeah, I know!