Thursday, February 16, 2017

The Queen Of Copper's King

Here's Ed getting ready to take the Queen Mine Tour in Bisbee, Arizona.

I sat in this very spot just a mere 21 years ago, the last time I visited the mine.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

More Like A Submarine Sandwich

Ed just started watching "Trainwreck", the movie written by Amy Schumer.  I'm not a big Amy Schumer fan but I just overheard a line her character uttered that I liked:

"I'm sorry, I just... I don't know why we treat these athletes like heroes just because they can skate fast or kick a ball in a net. I just think it's weird. No offense. I just think that sports are stupid, and anyone who likes them is just, like, a lesser person. And has a small intellect."

That made me want to watch the rest of this cinematic train wreck.

PS:  Tilda Swinton is unrecognizable in this movie.

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Sunday, February 12, 2017

This Is Everything

It should have never happened, but it did.

WTF is happening?  It's twenty-fucking-seventeen, people.

You're not going to shut us down.  

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Saturday, February 11, 2017

A Living Snapshot Of Another America

Lowell, Arizona was a small mining town settled in the late 1800s.  This is a picture of Erie Street, its main drag.  Read more about the town here.  

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Thursday, February 09, 2017

Queen Of The Copper Camps

A view of Bisbee as you come down the hill, approaching from the west.  You can see the Copper Queen Hotel (beige building, red roof) to the right of the church steeple.

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Tuesday, February 07, 2017

A Creator's Paradise

Bisbee, Arizona is a very artsy town - "artsy-fartsy" as my mother would say.  If you're looking for eclectic, you've found it.  Lots of galleries in town, but mostly it's the art on the residences, buildings, front yards, and even cars.

I saw these cars and was so busy taking the picture, I said to Ed, "Did you see that one?  It had owls all over it."

"Yeah, I saw it." he said.

"It's an owl car." I said.

"An owl car?" he said.


"How do you know?" he said.

"It's got owls all over it.  Like, everywhere.  Even on the sides." I said.

"It says owl car on the license plate." he said.

"Really?  Oh." I said.

"Yeah, you didn't see it?  I thought that's why you called it an owl car." he said.

"No, it has owls on it.  That's why I called it an owl car.  I didn't even see the plate."


"Seriously, I didn't see it." I laughed.

Really, I didn't even see it.  But damn, if anyone is going to have OWL CAR on their license plate, that's the car to put it on.  And this is the place for it to be.

Bisbee.  A paradise for creative people.

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Monday, February 06, 2017

Established 1975

Today is Ed's birthday and we are celebrating by spending the day in Bisbee, Arizona. In addition to doing a brief exploration of this tiny historic mining town, we'll be visiting the famous Copper Queen Hotel and taking a tour of the Queen Mine.  Check back for more photos. 

Happy Birthday to my very significant other!

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Happy Birthday, My Sweet Prince!

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Sunday, February 05, 2017

Ghost Town Patrol

Lowell, Arizona is located a smidge southeast of Bisbee, Arizona.  I've been told they often get bikers, but this car clearly isn't going to be in hot pursuit of anything.

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Saturday, February 04, 2017

Baltic Gold

February in Tucson means Gem Show!  And this year, Ed and I attended.

Over 40 events around town, with more than 50,000 people descending on the Old Pueblo to buy and sell unbelievable beauty!

These pendants are made from Baltic amber that comes from Gdansk, Poland - just one of the many countries represented at this much-anticipated show.

From the In Your Pocket website, about Baltic Amber from Gdansk:

"In simple terms, amber is the surviving resin of ancient trees which over millions of years has been covered by sediment and compressed by rock movement and glaciers where chemical processes we are unable to comprehend take place. The result is a lump of rock that once cleaned of its opaque crust reveals an orangey stone that becomes the beautiful, sparkling gemstone once at the hand of an experienced craftsman.

What is Baltic Amber and where does it come from?

Baltic Gold, as it is often referred to, is particular in that it comes from the resin of coniferous forests that grew in this region over 40 million years ago although it is very difficult to date accurately. It has an acid content of 4-6% and can be found from as far north and west as the Danish islands to as far south and east as western Ukraine. It is worth remembering that while amber was formed at least 45 million years ago, the Baltic sea is only about 20,000 years old. The amber gets its name because the largest source can be found just to the east of Gdansk around the Kaliningrad enclave, and it is amber from this area which, with a northeast wind and a strong current, washes the pieces of amber onto the beaches of Gdansk. However, you’ll also find high-quality amber in other traditional amber trading cities in Poland such as Kalisz, Wroclaw and Krakow.

Baltic Amber is generally sourced in one of two ways. It can be harvested from the beaches of the Baltic coast where, having been torn from the rocks at the bottom of the sea, is washed up onto the shore, where it is weathered by the sun and the wind. Alternatively, it can be mined from surface mines. Amber miners tender for the right to rent land into which they drill holes down to a level of between 6 and 12 metres. They then pump water down into the hole looking for the water to come back to the surface with a blue colouring which signifies it has come into contact with a pocket of amber. This is a high-risk business as the amber is present in crops of rock, not seams, so it is possible to check a whole area of land and find nothing while metres away is a huge isolated crop of amber."

Read more HERE.  

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Friday, February 03, 2017

Urban Creep

Friday in Dallas.  Traffic is slow heading around the curve of this ramp because they've been working on it for months.  Crreeeeppping along.

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Thursday, February 02, 2017

Time For A Questival!

Logo courtesy of
OK, so I have a pretty amazing opportunity to tell you all about.  

I recently came across a company called Cotopaxi, and they have an amazing job opportunity available with their company.  I thought it'd be something you all might be interested in.

Get this, people...

They're looking for a real life Road Warrior!

Not a road warrior like me, who spends her time in a cushy custom rig listening to podcasts and audio books while hauling freight around the United States, but someone who will participate in an actual hardcore adventure!  It includes travel, various challenges, meeting new people...and did I mention travel?  Helloooo?  How can you not be wondering right now if you just came across your dream job?

They said if I was interested, they'd welcome my application for the position. As Ed's mother would say, "Bless their heart."  I told them I appreciated the offer and might have considered it 25 years ago, but at this point in my life, I'm quite happy with the amount of traveling I currently do.  I'm really only semi-adventurous, and my idea of camping is a sweet hotel room, not a tent or travel trailer. Y'all remember how I don't like temperature extremes, right?  And, uh, I need to pee like a million times a night.  I am not shuffling from a tent to a port-a-potty (or clearing in the woods, if that's the case) in the middle of the night.

But just because it's not for me, doesn't mean it's not for you.  Just take a minute to think about the job you're currently doing.  Then read the rest of this post.  Then think about the job you're doing again.  This might be a no-brainer.

I've got to tell you, traveling around the country is an incredible opportunity.  I've been doing it for over thirteen years now and I still love it.  I still start every day with wonder. Sure, sometimes seeing the same places - depending on where they are - can get a little boring, but overall I still think it's the best job I've ever done in my life.  I've never seen as much, learned as much, or enjoyed as much, at any other job I've had, as I have with this one.  Being on the road over 300 days a year might not appeal to everyone, but for me, it was a perfect fit.

This opportunity with Cotopaxi will give you a little taste of what I do.  You'll be traveling 25,000 miles - which is more than double the miles an average person puts on their car in a year! - hitting 30+ major cities while seeing everything in between.  And during all this travel, you'll be writing and tweeting and Instagramming every fantastic little moment.  You'll essentially be living my road warrior life but without having the DOT (Department of Transportation) to answer to.

When I asked them for more information about the position, they sent me a little blurb to share with my readers, along with an infographic that gives you the scoop on the position.

And really, how can you not love a company that has a llama as its logo??

So here's a little summary of what they're looking for:

"Outdoor clothing company Cotopaxi is looking for the next Road Warrior to join their team! As a field marketing specialist, this team member will travel across the United States and visit every major city during the 2017 Questival Tour, a 24-hour adventure race where participants receive a Cotopaxi backpack and compete in various challenges. If you have camping experience and a love for the outdoors, are able to tell a great story, and are proficient in social media, this position is for you! You'll be able to explore the U.S., all while spreading Cotopaxi’s mission of doing good and giving back to the world."

Below is the infographic.  If you're interested, click HERE to apply.

Infographic courtesy of Cotopaxi.

Connect with Cotopaxi on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

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Wednesday, February 01, 2017

The First Mustachioed Man In My Life

Today marks 11 years since my father died.  I think about him so often.  While I'm working in the kitchen, entertaining guests, making jokes, listening to music, etc.  He always creeps into my thoughts.

This photo of my mother and father was taken October 5, 1974 at my aunt's wedding.  He was 33 years old.

My sweet Daddy, I miss you and will always love you!

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